Keeping It Simple

1 May 2019: I have been on a roll lately with my social media postings with Facebook and Instagram, but I don’t keep up this blog as much as I wold like. One of the reasons that this happens is because that it takes time away from the important schoolwork and studying I try to keep up on. Yet I still manage to keep filling up sketchbook after sketchbook!

I am able to make all of these sketches because I have made it easier on myself to be ready to sketch at a moments notice. I keep my supplies close, and the sketchbook is in my hand most of the time when I am out and about. And my fountain pen is also ready to go because I keep it attached to the sketchbook with a magnetic pen holder that grips the front cover. Keeping my supplies simple and available has made it much easier to sketch when the opportunity presents itself.

Stillman and Birn Alpha Series 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ Hardcover Sketchbook with magnetic pen holder containing my Sailor 1911 Standard fountain pen with a zoom nib loaded with Platinum Carbon Black ink. The clip is handy for holding the pages open when I am sketching.

There are a couple of magnetic pouches on the back cover to hold things like a spare fountain pen when I run out of ink. Probably the Lamy Vista broad nibbed fountain pen. Also, paintbrushes and cotton napkin and paper towel for when I am ready to play with my paints.

Magnetic pouches on the back cover of my sketchbook containing readily accessible equipment like watercolor brushes, or a spare pen, even a napkin and paper towel

Speaking of paints, I keep a tiny watercolor palette in my pocket so I am always ready to paint.

Fountain pen on top of cloth case that holds my tiny watercolor palette.

Tiny Watercolor Palette, closed with paint swatches I made for reference
This palette has an integral water bottle and a cup. On top is my main brush, the DaVinci series 1503 Pure Kolinsky Sable #6 travel brush! Perfect for small sketches. Holds a LOT of water and paint

For those times when I want more mixing space and I have a little bit more time, I keep a larger palette with full pans in my over the shoulder messenger bag.

Case on left holds large palette.
Water, cloth napkin and paper towel as well as another very tiny palette fit in this small pouch
This palette has so much space for making washes of color and tinting paint

That’s the basic overview of the equipment that helps me to keep it simple!

This morning when I got onto the downtown C train to school, I had my glasses on, sketcbook in hand, I stationed myself at the far end of the car with nobody behind me and I could lean on the door so I could have both hands free. I picked the left side of the train to begin. I put pen to paper and went for it!

First sketch of the day!
The guy directly to my right, took about three minutes to ink in, then I turned the page.
Back to the left side, started with the guy in front and followed my way back.

That’s what I managed to sketch on my way to school. On a short break, I added the watercolor.

Coming home, I took the A train uptown, picked a side and went for it again!

Uptown A train going home in the afternoon
The person directly to my right. Took about five minutes to ink in. Watercolor was added later.

This is my routine!

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Moleskine 5″ x 8″ Sketchbook Tour: 31 March to 16 April, 2019

20 April 2019: I finished another sketchbook. Here are the sketches! Mostly done on the subway. Sketched with various fountain pens and watercolor.

So now, a new sketchbook is started and I will post again soon! Did anyone spot my selfie?

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Starting a New Sketchbook (Again)

29 March 2019: Just as I was beginning to get comfortable with the compact 4X6 format of the Stillman and Birn, I finished that book and decided to tackle the larger 5X8 Moleskine sketchbook.

On my way uptown on the C train going to my internship at NYP:

I decided to draw right over the failed attempt of a face with another failed one superimposed over it. Platinum Carbon Ink pen with an EF nib loaded with Platinum Carbon Black ink, watercolor

On a break, I sketched a man on his phone a level down from the cafe at Vanderbilt Pavilion(bottom) and then some sketches of people on my way home on the downtown C:

Sketched with the Platinum Carbon Ink Pen with an extra fine steel nib loaded with Platinum Carbon Black ink, and watercolor.

There wasn’t time to sketch more of the people because they all left after one stop once I started sketching them.

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21 March 2019

A couple of subway sketches to and from school today, Sailor 1911 Standard zoom nib, Platinum Carbon Black ink, watercolor in Stillman and Birn Alpha Series 4 X 6 inch hardcover sketchbook.

Downtown A
Uptown A
Uptown A

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19 March 2019 Subway Sketches

Left Side Downtown C Train, Right Side Downtown A Train
Downtown A Train
Uptown C Train

In my 4 X 6 inch Stillman and Birn Alpha Series Hardcover Sketchbook I used my Sailor 1911 Standard with a zoom nib loaded with Platinum Carbon Black ink to take a few sketches of the people on the subway. On break from homework, I quickly splashed in watercolor.

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18 March Subway Sketches!

On the way to and from school today I managed to squeeze out a couple of sketches on the downtown and uptown A train. Sketched with the Kaweco Sport extra fine nib fountain pen and the Sailor 1911 Standard fountain pen with a zoom nib, both loaded with Platinum Carbon Black ink, watercolor in my Stillman and Birn 4X6 inch Alpha Series Hardcover Sketchbook.

Kaweco Sport EF nib.
Sailor 1911S zoom

Sailor 1911S zoom
Sailor 1911S zoom

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#100 people one week (86 people two days)

12 March 2019

It was a late start for me. Today is the official last day of the challenge, but I started it yesterday. They are not very detailed, and I didn’t make it to 100, but for two days in my limited time I squeezed about 86 people into my sketchbook. Maybe some of them don’t count, but I was waiting for this challenge to come around again since last year and I went for it. Starting with yesterday, the subway to school:



then a couple from school:


train ride home:


And then today, 12 March, train to and from school:


It was a lot of fun, even though I didn’t make the goal. This challenge caused me to become addicted to drawing people when I participated last year.

All sketches were done with various fountain pens, Platinum Carbon Black ink and watercolor in my 4 X 6 inch Stillman and Birn Alpha Series Hardcover Sketchbook.

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