Starting Fresh With a Fresh New Sketchbook!

22 February 2018:

After Finishing a Larger Sketchbook, It’s Nice To Go Smaller For A Little While!

It took me from October 2018 to 21 February 2019 to finish a larger format of this book.

Amidst health issues culminating in making my Fall semester nearly impossible to finish, my creative habit continues to roll on, albeit at a slower rate, especially as I start my 2019 Spring semester and my internship duties.

With that said, I decided to pare down my travel kit to make it easier to sketch at a moments notice. I am keeping my sparse supplies in one place. My favorite Winsor & Newton Sketcher’s Case has a shoulder strap and my sketchbook and pens are easily accessible under the front flap, without having to open any zippers.

First Spread Inside Front Cover

I decided to begin the new book by sketching my supplies. On the left, the Sketcher’s Case is closed, but upon lifting the flap the pens and the book are revealed and instantly ready to be used.

Normally I would quickly grab the sketchbook along with the Sailor 1911 Standard with a zoom nib (left of the sketchbook in the pocket) and be ready for the next sketching opportunity.

When I have made a sketch on the subway, I wouldn’t be able to paint on the train because it gets too tricky and messy, so I add color later.

To access the painting supplies, I simply unzip the case.

Unzipping the case reveals the supplies for painting watercolor.

The pockets inside the case hold the watercolor palette, a few brushes, a mister, extra water, paper towels and a cotton cloth along with an extra pen or two. The watercolors are in a tiny box that holds its own water and two water cups, one for clean water and one for rinsing brushes.

I made swatches of the colors to keep me reminded of their characteristics with varying degrees of strength.

If I am going into this much detail, I though it would be nice to make a sketch of my pens and brushes on the next page!

A Detail Of Brushes And Pens

It’s always fun to sketch art supplies, particularly at the beginning of a new sketchbook. It helps to “break the ice”, and it’s also useful, especially the color swatches. It helps to keep things simple.

It’s good to be back! It was hard to be motivated for a short little while, so I’m hoping to keep this habit up!

Thanks for visiting!

See you later!!!


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