Overwhelmed and I Don’t Know Where to Begin!

28 October 2018:

After a couple of months, so much has happened! A vacation in Curaçao, back to school, starting my volunteer position at New York Presbyterian, most of which has been documented on my Facebook pages and groups, as well as Instagram, but I usually take more time and get more detailed about my experience when I share here on my blog which adds to my self-imposed pressure, not to mention the lack of time due to the demands of school and work.

I am looking forward to sharing those experiences and how I managed to feed my creative habit, but I will have to start with the here and now.

I have gone through a few sketchbooks since last post, but I have slowed down considerably since school and work, but I started a new sketchbook last week after finishing the Moleskine watercolor sketchbook I had been sporadically using throughout the year.

The Stillman and Birn 5×8” Alpha Series hardcover sketchbook is in a larger format than what I have been used to. It doesn’t fit in the sketchers case that I had been carrying around and I am finding myself having to cut down on what I bring with me on a daily basis. My main sketching pen these days is the Sailor 1911 Standard with a zoom nib.


This morning on my way to work I did a quick sketch on the uptown B train:


After work I took the A train to school:


So that’s a quick update.

Thank you so much for visiting!

See you later!


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