The Week in Sketches:A Successful Interview and Other Stories

Thursday morning I had an interview for a volunteer position at the Allen Hospital, way uptown. I took the 1 train to 215 street and did these quick sketches with the Pelikan m205 loaded with Platinum Carbon Black ink in my trusty Pentalic Traveler sketchbook  5 X 3 inch 74 lb sketch:


The interview was a success! I will be joining the team after I am cleared! On my way back home, from the 215 Street station waiting for the downtown 1 train, I took this sketch with the Platinum 3776 Century with a soft-fine nib, Platinum Carbon Black ink. I added a wash for the sky later.


The next two sketches were also done with the 3776 soft-fine. I decided that the soft-fine nib isn’t great for sketching on a moving train. I like the line variation but it requires a certain amount of finesse and a moving train makes an unpredictable situation. The nib can be somewhat delicate:


Back on solid ground, I was able to use the soft-fine nib to capture this family eating outside of the French Roast Cafe, where I treated myself to a cappuccino:


Just past the cafe were a couple of guys selling books on the sidewalk. They are more or less a permanent fixture in this neck of the woods:


A very exciting weekend is planned, since our niece, Chloe, is coming to visit us from Boston. Here is a sketch at the subway station, waiting for the downtown 1 train, Pelikan m205 fountain pen, extra-fine nib:


The left sketch is from downtown 1 train on my way to meet Julia at Bed, Bath and Beyond to get an air mattress for our guest. The right sketch is from Joe’s in the morning.


The next sketch is on the downtown 1 train, on my way to meet Chloe at the bus stop:


Saturday morning I felt like hell. I did not sleep well and I had a fever. I went to the emergency room to get checked out. It was a virus, so I spent pretty much the rest of the weekend in bed. I missed out on all the fun with Chloe and Julia. This sketch is a hurried one coming home from the emergency room Saturday morning:


Sunday morning I feel a little bit better, yet groggy from Dayquil and Nyquil. Here is a sketch of Chloe looking at her phone first thing in the morning. The air mattress is set up just behind the blue couch and I only saw the back of Chloe’s head, and the phone in her hand:


Chloe and Julia went out to run some errands and meet with Aunt Sonia. I went out for a cup of coffee at Joe’s and made these two quick sketches looking out of the window using the ebonite  Sailor King Of Pen with a medium nib loaded with Platinum Carbon Black. I painted the watercolors at Joe’s after the lines were drawn:


Thank you for visiting!

See you later!!!


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