To Boston and Back, and Experimenting With The Platinum 3776 Century Soft Fine Nib

We took an early bus to Boston. From the front seat, I sketched the first driver.


After arriving at the Riverside Station in Newton, we took the T to Reservoir. The next morning I got some coffee at the Dunkin’ Donuts at the bottom of the hill, and I managed to squeeze in a quickie:


Rochelle, Julia’s mom, has lots of cool stuff. African baskets, interesting statuettes, a tree that I forgot what the name of it was, but I sketched the menagerie in front of the living room window:


Rochelle’s duck bowl on an empty bookcase:


Back in New York, I got myself together at Starbucks on 86th street, and pulled off this sketch:


After running a ton of errands, here is a sketch from Joe’s:


Our Jade Children, sketched with the Platinum 3776 Century, soft fine nib:


Wednesday morning, I had an appointment with a neurologist. Before I got there, I had a coffee and a sketch at Birch coffee, 96th and Columbus:


A couple of quick sketches from the waiting room before my appointment, Platinum 3776 Century, Soft fine nib, Platinum Carbon Black ink:


After the appointment, I ran some errands, but not before making this sketch at my old haunt, Paris Baguette, Platinum 3776 Century, soft fine nib, Platinum Carbon Black ink:


In between errands, a quickie at Maison Kayser, Broadway and 76? Platinum 3776 Century, soft fine nib, Platinum Carbon Black ink:


I had issues with the soft fine nib in the past, because it doesn’t behave like the stiffer nibs. Upstrokes are going to be very thin, side to side as well. Stiffer, more conventional nibs will give more or less the same weight of line, no matter what direction. Maybe a touch of variation on the down-stroke, but not as much as the soft fine. The magic happens with down-strokes of the soft fine because the line width can be varied depending on the amount of pressure applied. Plus I really like the Century model because the pen’s ink-feeding mechanism is designed to handle Platinum’s pigmented inks such as Carbon Black.  I am getting used to the way the soft fine works when I’m sketching. Writing with the pen is a joy but sketching takes some getting used to.

I have an appointment tomorrow being interviewed  to discuss volunteer IT work at NYP hospital. Hopefully it will get me in the door to get experience, and lead to an internship, and eventually, a paying gig! Wish me luck! I have to get ready now.

Thank you so much for visiting!

See you later!!!



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