The Nuclear Stress Test (and other stories)

Last week was busy. The move was so difficult, and so many problems have crept up. The best thing I can do is try to keep my cool, try to stay cool, and slowly and methodically do what I have to do to take care of my health.

One of the ways I take care of my health is to feed my creative habit. There was a day last week where I had no time to sketch, but on the way home I was picking up some lunch for Julia at Joe and the Juice. As I was waiting for the order, I took this quick sketch of a couple conversing.


Here is a couple of sketches done at Joe’s Coffee. This first one features a selfie in front of the mouth of the woman in the foreground:



I have to check my INR levels in my blood because of the blood thinners I am taking to dissolve the clot in my heart. Here are a couple of sketches from the waiting room of the doctor’s office:


After my blood was taken, I had a coffee at Aroma on West 72nd Street. Here are a couple of unsuspecting models:


On Friday the thirteenth, I took a nuclear stress test. I got to the office at 8:00 in the morning. It was a three and a half hour test. I took a few sketches from the waiting room. The first one was the last page of my Stillman and Birn Alpha Series 8 1/2 inches X 5 1/2 inches:


Starting the Pentalic Traveler Sketch 4 X 6 inch with a woman and her walker:



When the test was over, just around noon, I met Julia at the bus station and we went to Boston for the weekend. On Sunday before we came back, we went to Crystal Lake and had a magnificent time in the water. I couldn’t swim when we went to Fire Island because I was too afraid of the waves and getting submerged. The water at Crystal lake was calm, and I was able to float on the surface. I cannot submerge my body, particularly my head, for health reasons. Here are a couple of sketches from the lake:


After a relaxing weekend in Boston, celebrating Julia’s dad’s birthday, hiking, and going to the lake, we were all too soon back on the bus heading back to New York City. Here are a couple of sketches from the bus:


No sketches were done on Monday, but Tuesday I started the day making my punch-list of stuff to do at Starbucks on the corner of Columbus and West 86th Street:


There was a person next to the lady on the left, but he moved, hence the phantom arm in front of her!

I took my bike out for a spin in Central Park. It has been over a year since I’ve taken it out. It felt great. It was incredible until all the way on the east side of the park my rear tire blew out. Fortunately, I only had to walk straight across the south side of the reservoir and exited at West 86th Street, and walked to Eddies Bike Shop on Amsterdam. As my tire was being fixed, I went to the cafe on the corner and took these two sketches while having a coffee:


After taking my bike home, I went to Home Depot on 23rd Street for some weatherstripping supplies to help to combat the cigarette smoke that comes in through the cracks (windows, doors, vents, etc.). Here are some sketches done while taking the subway down:




Here are some sketches done on the subway on the way back home from Home Depot:


Yesterday morning, starting my day at Starbucks:


Taking a break from weatherstripping at Joe’s:


All sketches done with various fountain pens loaded with Platinum Carbon Black ink. Watercolor has been added to some of the sketches. A few have been painted on location. Probably the bus ones.

It was a busy week, and all test results were on the good side of things.

Thank you so much for visiting!

See you later!!!





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