Relocation: Disoriented

There has been no time to update because of the preparation and execution of the relocation. Our sanctuary has been dismantled, and most of our stuff is still in boxes, and probably will stay in boxes because we may be relocating again very soon.

Here’s what happened in my sketchbook: a sketch on the subway on the way to a doctor’s appointment. Downtown 1 train. This would be the last sketch that would be taken starting from the 96th Street station.


There was a couple sitting patiently in the waiting room of the doctor’s office. The woman’s hair was whiter than snow, and the man, holding his cane, had grayish faded red hair.


Then there would be no sketching for the next couple of days. Still recovering from whatever it was that landed me in the hospital, it took a great deal of effort to pack and prepare for relocation. When the movers came on Saturday morning, it took twelve hours to complete. It was a very hot day, and I was surprised at how much I was able to push myself to do. It was a very unpleasant experience.

On Sunday, both Julia and I are barely able to walk, but we managed to make our way to the West Village and had an awesome brunch.  No sketches from brunch, but a trip to the nail salon (Nail Spa 49 @ West 4 Street and Horatio) gave me an opportunity to sketch this man fiddling with his phone.


Julia is getting a manicure by Judy :


In order to prepare for the day’s tasks, Joe’s Coffee on Columbus @ West 85th is the new hangout where I make my punch-list and first sketch of the day:


Train sketches:




Aroma on West 72 Street:


Joe’s Coffee:


Morning train sketch of a little girl in her stroller:


A light lunch at the Olympic Flame Greek Diner, 60th Street and 10th Ave:


Train sketch on the way home, stroller-bound:


Trying to pull my head together at Joe’s Coffee:


Train sketch this morning on the way to cardiologist appointment:


The relocation has left me disoriented, the days are jumbled together and it’s hard to remember what I did the day before yesterday from time to time. Sketching is helping me feel grounded and helps me to remember.

Stillman and Birn Alpha series softcover sketchbook, various fountain pens with Platinum Carbon Black ink and some watercolor.

Thank you for visiting!

See you later!!






2 thoughts on “Relocation: Disoriented

  1. Nothing more disruptive than a move. Admorable how you’ve held things in place with your chronicles! Keep on!


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