Finishing and Starting another Pentalic Traveler Pocket Journal This Week

21 April 2018

Spring is inching its way to NYC, and school has been tough to stay on top of recovering from being sick. My professors have been very understanding and helpful, so I have been working very hard to catch up with missed assignments and exams.

On the subway to school, I try very quickly to knock out a few impressions of faces and people on the subway by drawing continuous lines following the contours. Sometimes it works, and sometimes not. But it’s always fun and a challenge. Here are some downtown on the way to school subway sketches. Fountain pen with Platinum Carbon Black ink, watercolor washes added later in the Pentalic Traveler Pocket Journal, 72 Lb. Sketchbook 4″ X 3″.



Below is a boy next to his mother playing games on an iPad.


Below is an attempt to sketch the boy’s mother.


Going home after school with the Pelikan 400nn fountain pen.


Rush hour, from 42nd Street to 72nd Street, The shoulder in the foreground below is almost knocking into my sketchbook.


Friday the 13th, I had lunch at the Metro Diner on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, close to home. Arugula salad and a coffee. Below are some of the customers I secretly sketched.


That evening I had dinner at the Manhattan diner, also Upper West Side.


Below, order up!


On Saturday the 14th, there was an Urban Sketchers gathering at Sutton Park, Midtown on the East Side at the river. Below is a fellow Urban Sketcher trying her new easel setup!

Sketched and painted on location!


Queensboro Bridge


Below, a man reading the paper, I noticed that his left hand was plastic.


On the way home from the Urban Sketcher’s event, waiting for the uptown 1 train at 57th street.


Below, during morning coffee at Starbucks:


Below, at the cafe in the afternoon during a study break.


Below, assorted subway sketches using the Pilot Custom 823 fine nib fountain pen, loaded with Platinum Pigmented Sepia ink.


Last page of the 4″ x 3″ below


Below, first page of the 6″ x 4″ Pentalic Travelers Pocket Journal:


Below are some of the above sketches with added watercolor washes:


To and from school, the subway, below.


At the doctor’s office getting a blood test, a man in front of me reading the paper. Pilot Custom 823, below.


Below, subway sketches on my way to and from school.


Below, today’s lunch break at the bagel place across the street.


Thank you so much for visiting!

See you later!


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