Taking the Pelikan 400nn to School

The Pelikan 400nn is a fountain pen produced in 1958. It is a small, lightweight pen that contains its own filling system, a piston filler, with a HUGE ink capacity. I am challenging myself to take only one or two pens with me in order to lighten my load and reduce time wasting decision making.

Here it is next to my 4X3 Pentalic Traveler Pocket Journal:


My 400nn has a 14K gold extra fine semi-flexible nib and I keep it loaded with Platinum Carbon Black ink.

I started the day taking the downtown 3 train from the Upper West Side to Brooklyn.


Lecture at Namm Hall, room 1021:


Heading uptown on the 2 train from Borough Hall, Brooklyn, to Upper West Side, Manhattan:






This morning, a study break at the bagel shop gave me a couple more models.


I enjoyed sketching with the Pelikan 400nn very much. I never had to worry if the pen was about to run dry. If it did, I could always have the 140 ready to go as well.

Thank you so much for visiting.

See you later!!


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