Sketching with the Pilot Custom 823 Fine and the Sailor 1911 Large Zoom Nib


The very large ink capacity of the 823 plus the transparency of the barrel makes the Custom 823 a great tool for sketching. I have the fine nib which is really close to an extra fine. The nib glides smoothly across the paper for a consistent line. These sketches were done extremely quickly because on a local train, people get off and come on at every frequent stop.


I began drawing with the Sailor Zoom nib, which works kind of like a fude, but not as drastic, I get the fine lines with the nib inverted, and varying degrees of line width depending upon the writing angle of the nib when not inverted.


The zoom nib is fantastic for all of its variation in line. The 823 is a beautiful pen with a large, smooth nib and the barrel has enough ink capacity to drown a horse. Not to mention the super fun vacuum filling system.

Thank you so much for visiting!!

See you later!!!


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