Subway Impressions

28 March 2018

I traveled by subway today to attempt to get some errands done. Having not been on the subway for a while, I was a little rusty, and the skinny side of the fude nib tore through the page during a typical screeching halt where everybody goes flying and nibs penetrate paper and expletives are shouted with the occasional “Can I help you get back onto your feet, ma’am?”.

Here is the torn sketch.


The nib was also bent out of its already bent shape. I may be able to put it back where it belongs, but I’ll do that later. Here are a couple of more subway sketches done with the Pelikan 140 and m200. 032818b032818c032818d032818e032818f032818g032818h032818i032818j

These were done hastily, and people were getting on and off and changing seats frequently. It was very hard to focus on one person at any length of time.  I just decided to have fun with it and do what I could. Glad to have gotten some errands done, and happy to get back to bed.

Thank you for visiting!

See you later!!


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