A Brief Time Out to Regroup

27 March 2018

Last night I was completely excited and motivated to wake up early today and be in the zone. I woke up this morning and helped Julia with her breakfast and lunch, and I had a little while before I had to do get ready for appointments and school. Feeling a little groggy and congested, I lay back into bed to shut my eyes for a second.

Five hours later I woke up completely congested, and looking at the time I began to panic. There was a possibility that if I rushed I could make it to class. The problem was, the more that I tried to hurry up and get it together, the worse I would feel and more disorganized I would become. What’s another lost day going to do at this point? Just a drop in the bucket. I am obviously not feeling well, so I have to give myself a break.

Tomorrow is another day. I will go to bed early, have everything I need ready to take with me, have breakfast/lunch ready to prepare and pack for a minimum of stumbling around in the morning.

It’s time to face the music. I am ready.

In order to calm my panicked state, I decided to do something that is almost always guaranteed to ground me.

A trip to the bagel shop for  a cup of joe and a sketch.

I traveled light this time.


Sailor Profit Fude De Mannen fountain pen, Carbon Black ink

Tiny watercolor box

Sakura Waterbrush



Pentalic hardcover 4X6 sketchbook, 70 Lb.


Usually when I am surveying a scene, I try to find an interesting composition, but in this case I just wanted to take my mind off the stress so I began with the woman sitting near the Snapple branded cooler, and worked my way haphazardly around what was in front of me, people coming and going. I pulled out my watercolor kit and splashed down a few washes and started to feel grounded again.


Hoping for a more productive day tomorrow at school.

Thanks for visiting!!

See you later!!!


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