23 March 2018

Fude Friday means that I will make a sketch or two using my Sailor Fude De Manen fountain pen. This is a fountain pen with a bent nib that when drawing with the pen at different angles, different line widths are achieved.

I didn’t want to stray too far from home due to a bad reaction from antibiotics, so I went across the street to the bagel shop and ordered a tea.

I am experimenting with bringing as few tools possible. Here is what I brought.


Winsor & Newton “Bijou Box” with integrated water bottle and cup

Sakura Waterbrush, the large size

Sailor Fude De Manen 55 Degree fountain pen with Platinum Carbon Black ink

Cloth napkin from a restaurant

I grabbed a table that allowed me access to a few random unsuspecting models. I opened my Stillman & Birn Alpha series 4 X 6 hardcover sketchbook to the next blank page and went for it!



The top sketch was painted on location.

It was fun to get out and sketch for a few minutes. The fude nib is surprisingly smooth when held in the normal orientation, but when using the nib upside down to achieve the very fine lines, there is some feedback, meaning that there is some toothiness, sort of like a pencil. I am finding that achieving the super thick lines is much easier to do on the fude nib versus the semi-flex of my Pelikan 140. The fude behaves like a brush when drawing out the thick lines, whereas the 140 requires thoughtful and careful pressure.

You may start to see me using the fude pen on days other than  Fude Fridays!

Thank you so much for visiting!

See you later!!!



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