The Pelikan 140 Goes To The Doctor’s Office

21 March 2018

I really enjoy the lines that can be achieved sketching with the Pelikan 140. Super thin lines to super thick lines in one stroke!


While I was sketching Julia on her computer last night (below left), I wondered if it would be possible for me to take only ONE pen to sketch with for my trip to the pulmonary doctor’s office in the afternoon? I have a habit of taking too many supplies, so I made it a challenge to myself to use only the Pelikan 140. Below right starts the subway trip.032118a032118b032118c

At the doctor’s office (below) I sketched a couple of receptionists.


After my visit, I am taking the subway back home (below).


I felt out of practice and a bit uncomfortable. I hadn’t been out of the house for a while so it took a short time before I could be in the moment and not think.

At home, as I was adding the watercolor washes, I noticed the line variations, subtle most of the time, but enough to give a bit more interest to the lines. I think that I could get used to the one pen idea. The 140 was a joy to use today. Plus, it was refreshing to get out and sketch some people.

Thank you so much for visiting!!

See you later!!!




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