Fun With the Pelikan 140 and Pelikan m200

19 March 2018

This morning I took my Pelikan 140 for a spin by sketching one of the jade plants that reside on the windowsill in the kitchen.


Last night there were people having a loud conversation outside of the frozen yogurt shop across the street, and my Pelikan m200 was a fun tool for quickly sketching in the shapes before I added watercolor.


Platinum Carbon Black ink is great for sketches that I will add watercolor washes to after the ink dries. I have had more consistent experiences of the ink not spreading when wet with Carbon Black than Noodler’s Bulletproof Black.

Here are both sketches without the pens trying to get into the picture!


Both sketches are with Platinum Carbon Black ink.

Thanks for visiting!

See you later!!



3 thoughts on “Fun With the Pelikan 140 and Pelikan m200

      1. That means a lot Sean, seriously… and likewise for yourself of course! I’ve only been drawing again a few months, so still definitely battling a lot of insecurity. I love finding artists that inspire me on this platform, and you’re definitely one of them. You’re so consistent, and it’s incredibly motivating.

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