Another Sick Day, Another Selfie

15 March 2018

Hello everybody! This whole week of school was missed due to my pneumonia, and today I missed an exam. Thankfully, the professor will allow me to take a make-up.

In between taking naps, taking medicine, and internet research for a school project,  I  managed to scratch out a jaundiced looking self portrait. 031518a

The initial lines were sketched in with a Lamy Vista fountain pen loaded with Platinum Carbon Black ink. I recently did a complete cleaning of the pen. Now, after a couple of days, the pen is behaving quite nicely. There were issues with poor ink flow. The cleaning seems to have solved the problem. Using the pigmented inks require the pen to be maintained a bit more frequently than when used with the “safer” inks.

The washes of watercolor did not affect the lines drawn by the pen. That’s what I love about Platinum Carbon Black ink. Impervious to water when it dries, and it dries fairly quickly! The skin color came out quite yellow because I first put a wash of lemon yellow, and then put a wash wet on wet of yellow ochre. I didn’t look that jaundiced when I did the sketch, but I thought it would be fun. And it was!

I have much homework to catch up on.

Thank you for visiting!

See you later!


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