The Changing Urban Landscape: The Corner

3 March 2018

I was getting ready to go to school this morning, and then I found myself waking up to loud noises coming from outside. I must not have been ready to go to school. I don’t even remember going back to bed! Pneumonia recovery.

Getting back to the loud noises, I looked out to the corner to see that workers have erected and set up another one of those high-tech headstones with internet access and free phone calls along with phone/tablet charging ports. Here’s the corner outside hastily sketched with the Pilot Custom 912, extra fine nib with Carbon Black ink, watercolor.


Here are some earlier sketches of the corner:

The Jade dreams

Its roots merging

to the tree

next to the phone booth

at the corner of West 98th Street

and Broadway




This next sketch depicts a common occurrence. An angry man shouts at the top of his lungs violently smashing the phone receiver repeatedly.


Ah, those were good times. Then the morning came when loud noises at the corner lured me to the window.


The phone booth was gone! I didn’t see it dismantled, but I did see a phone booth being taken down a week later:


The corner looked empty, kind of naked.



and today:


Pretty soon it will be activated. The screen that is currently black will display very important messages to passers-by, as well as offering free wifi, internet and phone calls.


The erected, yet not activated monolith. Sketched with a Lamy Vista, extra fine, Platinum Carbon Black ink.


Thanks so much for visiting!!

See you later!!

Via the prompt: Noise


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