Sick Day, an Urban Sketch Through The Window.

13 March 2018

Another day home sick. It’s very hard to focus when I don’t feel well, so I don’t focus too much, I just try to have fun.

I tried sketching some people outside, but everybody is running because of the snow. I looked out toward the roof of the building across the street, and behold! My subject!

I started by sketching the lines with the Pelikan m200 fine nib, Noodler’s Bulletproof Black, then I added watercolor.


There was a whole lot of detail in the stucco work but being unable to concentrate, I only made lazy, suggestive scribbles.

The Pelikan m200 has not been a consistent performer. There were times I would look to see that a line that I thought that I had carefully drawn didn’t make it because the pen skipped, or hard started. I’m about ready to throw the m200 out of the window.

Time to get some more rest. Thank you for visiting!

See you later!


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