Quick Escape: Downstairs Coffee Shop

13 March 2018: After a few days in bed, I hadn’t done any subway sketches, and it was hard to sketch anyone standing still looking out the window. I broke my pneumonia protocol and went to the bagel shop downstairs, ordered a coffee, grabbed a corner table and sketched a few unsuspecting victims.

I had to work quickly, because I wasn’t feeling that great being out. I sketched the lines with a Sailor Fude De Manen fountain pen. It is a fountain pen with a bent nib that allows for varying degrees of line weight with one pen. The pen is filled with Noodler’s Bulletproof Black.


The sketches took less than ten minutes. I came back home and then added watercolor.

The Fude fountain pen is great for sketching because of the enormous amount of line variation that can be achieved without having to hunt for different pens with different nib widths.

Time to get some more rest.

Thank you for visiting!!

See you later!!


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