#OneWeek100People2018 Day 4

Hello Everybody, 8th of March 2018, Thursday is day four of the challenge. Even though I completed the mission of 100 people, I do these subway sketches anyway, so why not add onto the tally just for fun?

I started with the Pilot Vanishing Point, which is a retractable fountain pen that advances the nib with a clicker, similar to a ballpoint. It’s a wonderful pen! Matte Black finish that has begun to wear off over the years exposing the brass underneath. It’s a brass pen, so it is on the weightier side, but it feels solid, and the clip, which can be polarizing for some people because it sits right over the nib, is perfect for me. I like the triangular grip section of the Lamy Safari, so the hand position is the same.



The extra fine nib and Platinum Carbon Black ink allow for fine lines that will be painted over with watercolor later.



I sketched the same two ladies again


I did one more sketch with the Vanishing Point, on the left, then on the right I sketched with the Parker Duofold Centennial medium nib, Noodler’s Black ink:


When I added the skin tone, the line from the Duofold spread a little under the brim of the cap. The Vanishing Point didn’t budge at all!


A couple of minutes before my second class today allowed for me to take a quickie of Namm Hall Room 519 from the hallway, then back on the subway going home.




The little boy above on the right was reacting to his mother telling him a story about terrorism. I was only able to get his mother’s eyes as she was telling the story below before they exited the train.


One more passenger today below.


I counted 29 people above, so if I am adding that to 106, new total would be 135 people on day 4.

Thank you for visiting!!

See you later!!!




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