#OneWeek100People2018 Day 3 Mission Accomplished!!!

7March2018: The Pilot Custom Heritage 92 with a fine nib filled with Noodler’s Black was the pen I used on the subway on the way to school.


I really enjoy the Custom Heritage 92, it’s a piston filler, so it has a large ink capacity. The pen is small, but when the cap is posted on the back it is a decent size for my largish hand.

Sometimes the feed cannot keep up with the ink demand, I sometimes press a little to widen the line, and the ink will stop flowing. It only stops for a short moment so the performance  of the pen is tolerable. The nib is springy enough to produce some variation in line width.

Downtown 2 train: (84-91)


Uptown 2 train (92-97)



On the way to the cardiologist today chose to use the Pilot Custom 912 with an extra fine nib and loaded with Noodler’s Black. In the sketch below, the right was done with the Custom Heritage 92 fine nib, and the right was done with the Custom 912, extra fine.


Waiting at the platform: (98-99), then downtown 1 train: (100-103) Uptown 1 train: (104-106)



The Custom 912 is an amazing pen. The nib is a dream to move along the paper, and with an extra fine nib, this is not typical. For me, it is one of the most comfortable pens I have ever used. It’s a good size. Not small, not oversize, just right for me.

I am so glad I completed this challenge! I can say that the concentrated effort when drawing so many people every day has definitely helped my confidence. I feel ever so slightly more sure of my line, although I have a long long way to go!! Drawing people has been a very intimidating challenge for me but I am enjoying it very much. I highly recommend it!

Thank you so much for visiting!!

See you later!!!!


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