New Sketchbook Started! Taking the Sailor 1911L on an Adventure!


1 March 2018

Hello, everybody!

I couldn’t find my usual sketchbook locally, so I thought I would give the pictured sketchbook a try. My other subway sketchbook was also a Pentalic, but it was smaller, and had 74lb. paper.  This one has a hardcover and has 70lb. paper.

I also thought it would be fun to sketch with a pen that I don’t usually take with me to sketch on the subway with. The Sailor 1911L with an extra fine nib and Sailor Kiwa Guro Nano Black ink. Let’s see how it went!


There was an “injured customer” at Houston Street, so there were “extensive delays” on downtown train service. I took this sketch of the uptown platform, I started the legs too high and ended up cropping all of the uptown bound customers from the torso. That was fun! When I added watercolor, the Kiwa Guro started bleeding, which can be seen at the tail of the woman’s coat.

Finally the train came after about fifteen minutes!


The train was rather crowded, but at my usual spot at the end of the car, this man with an elaborately designed shawl and severe white framed sunglasses caught my attention.











Park-Fulton, I am sure that I have sketched this red haired bearded man before!


Wall to Borough Hall.

At Namm Hall, Room 1021, Professor Gunduz takes attendance:


Sketched with the Platinum 3776 UltraExtra Fine, Carbon Black ink.

The way home:



Overall, I felt uncomfortable using tools I am not used to using. The Sailor nib is quite stiff, however the flow of ink was consistent and I think that I could get used to the 1911L on the subway.

The Kiwa Guro ink was more waterproof on the later sketches than on the first one of the train platform, so I will keep an eye on that as well.

Thank you for visiting!! Any comments or questions are welcome!

See you later!!!!




3 thoughts on “New Sketchbook Started! Taking the Sailor 1911L on an Adventure!

    1. Thank you so much, Cynthia! I am obsessed as well, especially when it comes to fountain pens! I get the rolling eyes of my fiancee when I start talking about nibs! Thank you for visiting and subscribing! I am looking forward to reading the wonderful stories that you have on your site soon!

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