Taking the Subway with the Platinum 3776 Century Fountain Pen


28 February 2018

Hello everybody!

Sometimes I like to switch things around when it comes to sketching on the subway. This morning I decided to sketch with the Platinum3776 Century with an extra fine nib filled with Platinum Carbon Black. Actually, it’s not that different from what I normally do.

Downtown 2 train, 96 to 42:


34th Street to 14th Street:


14th Street to Chambers:


Chambers Street to Wall Street:


Wall Street to Borough Hall:


Then it was a fun day at school doing calculus.

On the way home, Borough Hall to Fulton, Manhattan Bound 2:


Fulton Street to 14th Street:


14th Street to 34th Street:


34th Street to 42nd Street, the woman was wearing what looked like a terrycloth bathrobe:


The Platinum Century is a great pen. The pen is specifically designed to handle Platinum Carbon Black or Pigmented inks! There is a mechanism in the cap that prevents evaporation of the ink, which means that anytime I uncap the pen, it will make a mark with no hard starts or skipping. The Carbon Black ink is waterproof, so it is great for adding watercolor later.

Thanks for stopping by!!

See you later!!


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