Another Sketchbook Finished!

27  February 2018

I finished another Pentalic pocket sketchbook today! Here are a few of the sketches at the end of the book.

Downtown 2 train from 96 to Borough hall. This time I tried to work my way down the subway car and also sketched a passenger on the opposite side. 022718a

I started with the Pelikan m200, Noodler’s Black, and added the color before class.

I tried to buy a couple more Pentallic sketchbooks, but Court Street Office Supplies was a construction site. I fear that they may have closed their doors after being in business there for five million years!

On my way home from school, I started sketching the woman on the left and was totally busted. She stopped paying attention to me after a few minutes, and I worked my way down the car. Manhattan bound 3 train, Borough Hall to Wall Street.


This was also sketched with the Pelikan m200. The pen began skipping and hard starting, so I am going to not use the m200 anymore until I get it fixed. Too frustrating!

Next, going uptown from Wall Street to Chambers street, I tried to get the row on the other side.


Sketching this time with the Pilot Prera, fine nib with Platinum Carbon Black.

The train was getting crowded at 14th Street, so I focused on the people on my immediate right without getting noticed. This lasted until 34th Street.


Sketched with my trusty Pelikan 140, Noodler’s Black.

I usually color these sketches in later. What do you think about seeing the bare fountain pen sketches? Would you rather see them with watercolor added, or shown colored at a later date, or sometimes just leaving them as they are, the semi-blind contour sketch? Let me know!

Thank you for visiting!!

See you later!!!!!!


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