Jazz at Grasso’s, The Subway Man and Other Stories

It has been a crazy week! Trying frantically to get assignments done, study for exams, make doctors appointments and so on.

Somehow I always seem to manage to make a few sketches on the subway.

I try to keep my sketching supplies to a minimum when I am on the subway. The Pelikan 140 extra fine flexible nib loaded with Platinum Carbon Black is always in my breast pocket while the Pentalic Pocket Sketch book with 74 lb. paper that can handle light watercolor washes is always in my hand.


Keeping the sketchbook in my hand while in the subway makes it easy to pull the pen out of my pocket and go for it when the moment strikes.                                      022518a

Here’s a couple of sketches made while coming home from a doctors appointment, waiting for a 1 train at the 59th Street Platform:


A common occurrence happens when there is not enough time to draw much more than a line or two or three.  When I am on a local train where the stops are closer together, the entire landscape from where I am standing completely changes from one stop to another.




Sometimes on the way to school, the train goes slowly between 14th and Chambers, letting me draw a few more lines.


This baby with a pacifier was so fascinated by the surroundings. His head was constantly moving, but when our eyes locked for a brief moment or two, those eyes were my focus.


Here’s a few more sketches drawn during an agonizingly slow Brooklyn bound 2 or 3 train.


The Subway Man was a character who entered the train at Wall Street. He was trying to sell subway card holders. He had a very New York accent. He didn’t seem too pushy, and he was quite friendly and clean.


Here are a few sketches done during the subway ride on the way home from school:


Last night, I had the pleasure of hearing Steve Ash and Chris Haney at Grasso’s Restaurant in Cold Spring Harbor. The restaurant was extremely noisy, which is a difficult thing for musicians who are playing without amplification. Steve Ash played the piano, and Chris Haney was on the upright bass. Although they were not being supported by a sound system, their music cut through the noisy room with finesse, style and an amazingly controlled intensity.

Here is a quick sketch of Chris absolutely NAILING it on the double bass!



Thank you for visiting!!

See you later!!!







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