Urban Sketching from the Doctor’s Office

Good morning everybody!

It has been a couple of years since my bypass surgery, and my cardiologist moved to the other side of town and stopped taking my insurance. I am overdue for a checkup, so I decided to try a new cardiologist.

Before my appointment in the afternoon, I had an opportunity to make a couple of sketches on the subway to and from school.           022118a

Pelikan m800, Noodler’s Black.





The night before, I took a break between homework assignments and sketched this silk flower.


Pilot Custom Heritage 92, Platinum Pigmented Sepia.022118f

The new cardiologist’s office was very efficient, so I had to work very fast in making this sketch of the view outside.


Sketched with the Pelikan m800, Noodler’s Black . Watercolor added on location.022118g

Thank you for visiting!

See you later!!!!


2 thoughts on “Urban Sketching from the Doctor’s Office

  1. Lovely work Sean. I know it’s silly, but I feel kind of nervous to draw people in public… Have you ever had any awkward conversations or people asking you to stop? I know I’ve probably built it up too much in my head haha! Thanks for sharing, as always.

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  2. Hi Joe! Thank you so much for your comment! It is not a silly question! I have the same problem. Most people are too preoccupied with themselves to notice what’s going on around them. I have been getting better at not being noticed. I try to sketch people who are busy paying attention to something else (cellphone, usually). Once a young boy noticed me sketching people on the T in Boston. He was shouting to his family, “I wish he would draw ME!!!” so I turned around and drew him. I told him in advance that the drawing wasn’t going to be very good, and that I am just a beginner. He was okay with the result His family had a fun time pointing out the various people I had sketched that were still on the train. It was fun.

    When I sketch people on the train, I try not to move my head back and forth or do anything that might attract attention. I carry a very small sketchbook which is at the ready at all times so when a situation comes up where I might be able to stealthily make a sketch of someone, I can scratch out a line or two. Also, when I am on the subway, I am usually at the front or back of the car with my back against the door which is an added security measure! Thank you so much for visiting and commenting!


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