An Awesome Urban Sketching Encounter!

15 February 2018

Hello everybody!!

Taking the subway to school today, I managed to grab a few sketches from the train.021518a021518b021518c021518d

My stop in Brooklyn is Borough Hall. I came up the stairs and saw a fellow urban sketcher. He was sketching the statue of Christopher Columbus in front of the courthouse entrance. 021518e

There was little time for me to get to class, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to sketch him while he was sketching. He did not notice me, but when I finished the lines, I introduced myself. His paintings are beautiful and he was a pleasure to meet His name is Howard Skrill. You can see his amazing work here:

Nice to meet you, Howard!

There are more sketches from the way home from school, but I will post them at another time.

It’s always great to see other artists fulfilling their passions!

Thanks so much for visiting!!

See you later!!


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