11 February 2018

Hello everybody!

I have been challenging myself  to be ready at a moments notice to sketch. In order to do so I have been paring down my sketch kit to bare essentials with few options. A couple of pens, a couple of brushes, paint, water and napkins. This practice allows me to have my kit with me at all times, as well as having the act of sketching become less of a production.

I have spent the last week mostly in bed. I went out today with my fiancee for breakfast, but quickly realized that I belonged back home. I tried a sketch at the restaurant, but I couldn’t concentrate.

When we returned home, I had the sketching bug. I looked at the keys on my desk.

Keys are a fun and challenging subject to draw. I was having some challenges with my concentration, but it was fun!

Here is my attempt to draw my keys!


The equipment used:

Pelikan m200 fine nib with Noodler’s Bulletproof Black

Daniel Smith, Schminke and Winsor & Newton watercolors in Bijou box

Winsor & Newton Pocket Brush

Empty ink bottle for water

A paper napkin that I have been using for months

Thank you for visiting!

See you later!!





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