Subway Sketches: 8 February 2018

8 February 2018

Hello everybody!

Today was my first day back at school after a week-long bout of ‘flu-like’ symptoms. Pretty tired today, not at 100 percent yet, but I managed to get through my lectures. Here are a few subway sketches on my way to school.  The little girl in her stroller was having a good time watching people and I managed to get a couple of lines before she was hauled off the train by her mom. I didn’t think that she noticed me but as she was being pulled off she looked me straight in the eyes, smiled, waved and gleefully said goodbye to me.





I started sketching with the Pilot Custom Heritage 92 with Platinum Pigmented Sepia ink, but the pen for some reason freezes up while I’m sketching. There’s never an issue writing with the pen, but sketching doesn’t work. That was the first sketch in this batch. a I changed over to the trusty Lamy Vista with the same ink. No problem. I added the Daniel Smith and Windsor & Newton watercolor washes later.

I have to get some rest.

Thanks for stopping by!

See you later!



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