A Different Kind Of Sketchbook

7 February 2018

Hello everybody. This is my musical sketchbook.


The Tascam DP-008 EX is essentially a tape recorder. It is approximately the same size as the Moleskine watercolor sketchbook, but thicker. The rows of knobs control the loudness, direction and ambiance of a sound that has been recorded on any one of the eight channels available. The buttons to the right control the playback, fast forward, rewind, record and play position of what recording has been selected. The window on the upper right give an indication of the play position, the loudness of the individual  channels, and other things that can be accessed through the main menu.

This compact machine allows me to hash out musical ideas and arrangements very quickly without having to scroll with a mouse and type with a keypad. I usually plug my musical instrument into the back along with my headphones to hear what I am recording. It also runs on batteries. I have taken this to the park on many occasions and made LOTS of music there. There is even a pair of microphones mounted for recording without plugging in.

Thanks for checking in!

See you later!



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