Moleskine 5″ x 8″ Sketchbook Tour: 31 March to 16 April, 2019

20 April 2019: I finished another sketchbook. Here are the sketches! Mostly done on the subway. Sketched with various fountain pens and watercolor.

So now, a new sketchbook is started and I will post again soon! Did anyone spot my selfie?

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Starting a New Sketchbook (Again)

29 March 2019: Just as I was beginning to get comfortable with the compact 4X6 format of the Stillman and Birn, I finished that book and decided to tackle the larger 5X8 Moleskine sketchbook.

On my way uptown on the C train going to my internship at NYP:

I decided to draw right over the failed attempt of a face with another failed one superimposed over it. Platinum Carbon Ink pen with an EF nib loaded with Platinum Carbon Black ink, watercolor

On a break, I sketched a man on his phone a level down from the cafe at Vanderbilt Pavilion(bottom) and then some sketches of people on my way home on the downtown C:

Sketched with the Platinum Carbon Ink Pen with an extra fine steel nib loaded with Platinum Carbon Black ink, and watercolor.

There wasn’t time to sketch more of the people because they all left after one stop once I started sketching them.

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21 March 2019

A couple of subway sketches to and from school today, Sailor 1911 Standard zoom nib, Platinum Carbon Black ink, watercolor in Stillman and Birn Alpha Series 4 X 6 inch hardcover sketchbook.

Downtown A
Uptown A
Uptown A

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19 March 2019 Subway Sketches

Left Side Downtown C Train, Right Side Downtown A Train
Downtown A Train
Uptown C Train

In my 4 X 6 inch Stillman and Birn Alpha Series Hardcover Sketchbook I used my Sailor 1911 Standard with a zoom nib loaded with Platinum Carbon Black ink to take a few sketches of the people on the subway. On break from homework, I quickly splashed in watercolor.

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18 March Subway Sketches!

On the way to and from school today I managed to squeeze out a couple of sketches on the downtown and uptown A train. Sketched with the Kaweco Sport extra fine nib fountain pen and the Sailor 1911 Standard fountain pen with a zoom nib, both loaded with Platinum Carbon Black ink, watercolor in my Stillman and Birn 4X6 inch Alpha Series Hardcover Sketchbook.

Kaweco Sport EF nib.
Sailor 1911S zoom

Sailor 1911S zoom
Sailor 1911S zoom

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#100 people one week (86 people two days)

12 March 2019

It was a late start for me. Today is the official last day of the challenge, but I started it yesterday. They are not very detailed, and I didn’t make it to 100, but for two days in my limited time I squeezed about 86 people into my sketchbook. Maybe some of them don’t count, but I was waiting for this challenge to come around again since last year and I went for it. Starting with yesterday, the subway to school:



then a couple from school:


train ride home:


And then today, 12 March, train to and from school:


It was a lot of fun, even though I didn’t make the goal. This challenge caused me to become addicted to drawing people when I participated last year.

All sketches were done with various fountain pens, Platinum Carbon Black ink and watercolor in my 4 X 6 inch Stillman and Birn Alpha Series Hardcover Sketchbook.

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A Couple Of Quick Subway Sketches

7 March 2019

This morning’s subway ride to school gave me a couple of opportunities to sketch the fleeting moments that go by in an instant.

Usually, rush hour on the downtown A train from the Upper West Side is extremely unpleasant. The subway cars are packed to capacity making it nearly impossible to sketch. Once in a while, I am able to get to my ideal spot at the doors at either end of the car. This location allows me to lean on the door so I have my hands free. I have my sketchbook in one hand with a bulldog clip holding the page open and a magnetic pen holder that attaches to the cover so that I am ready to go as soon as the opportunity strikes.

The first opportunity came when many people exited the train at at 42nd street, giving me space to hold up my book. I noticed the man wearing his white Apple Ear Pods leaning on the door. I started the sketch by outlining the ear pod, worked my way around the ear, the faint hairline and shape of the head and worked my way around to the collar, the neck, chin, lips, nose and the edge of the glasses.

Downtown A Train, 7 March 2019 #1

I try to keep the pen down and follow contours, the creases in the sleeve of the coat, etc. and begin to work on the shapes of the furniture, poles, other people, windows, whatever I can get quickly.

I try not to be noticed. Being at the end door means that there is nobody behind me or next to me, and I can lean back without holding onto a pole. It also allows for a slight bit of stabilization for sketching, because I am not bouncing around like a jumping bean.

This position allowed me to quickly sketch my next victim.

Downtown A train, 7 March 2019#2

I started with the eyebrows to the eyelashes to the nose, mouth and shape of the face as it was being covered by the hood of her coat.

These sketches were started with the Sailor 1911 Standard with a Zoom nib, which I love to use because of the wide range of lines it can make. This pen is filled with Platinum Carbon Black ink, which is perfect for painting watercolor over because the lines are waterproof. I painted with watercolor later.

The train uptown was too crowded to sketch.

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