Fun With the Pelikan 140 and Pelikan m200

19 March 2018

This morning I took my Pelikan 140 for a spin by sketching one of the jade plants that reside on the windowsill in the kitchen.


Last night there were people having a loud conversation outside of the frozen yogurt shop across the street, and my Pelikan m200 was a fun tool for quickly sketching in the shapes before I added watercolor.


Platinum Carbon Black ink is great for sketches that I will add watercolor washes to after the ink dries. I have had more consistent experiences of the ink not spreading when wet with Carbon Black than Noodler’s Bulletproof Black.

Here are both sketches without the pens trying to get into the picture!


Both sketches are with Platinum Carbon Black ink.

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Self Portrait in the Shadows with the Pelikan m200, My Creative Journey.

18 March 2018

Having had so much difficulty with the Pelikan m200, I disassembled, cleaned, and carefully reassembled the nib unit, which fixed the problem. Yesterday’s hospital sketches were done with the m200 and this morning I sketched this self portrait looking at the dark reflection of myself with the light coming from the outside.



I have been playing music for as long as I can remember, and I began focusing on the electric bass when I was eight years old. Last month I posted a sketch of my musical notebook.


Two days ago, I decided to post some music that I created on the Tascam DP-008EX once I could play my bass after my heart surgery. I received some wonderful feedback, and since it is really the first time that I decided to share my new music, and it is part of my creative journey, I will share it here. It is an instrumental composition that I created as a tribute to one of my favorite bass players, Chris Squire of Yes. All of the parts were performed on the Alembic Elan six string bass. alembic

Here is the link

Thank you all for the wonderful feedback!!

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Emergency Room Sketches

17 March 2018


I’ve been dealing with pneumonia for several weeks, and just finished a round of antibiotics however I am still congested. After an x-ray and some tests, everything is fine, it is just taking a long time to get better. At the emergency room I managed to do a few sketches.


Above, At the Triage, left to right:A drunk guy, a sick boy, a worried mother, a woman shoving food into her mouth incessantly, and a woman yapping at the eating woman.


Above, the sick boy and his worried mother. Below, man and his girlfriend.


Below, The examination room, Julia on the phone with her dad:


Sketched with the Pelikan m200 fine nib, Platinum Carbon Black, watercolor.

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The Goings On Outside

16 March 2018

Last night I made a hurried sketch of one of the jade plants on the windowsill. Pilot Custom Heritage 92, Platinum Carbon Black ink.


Today while in between doing homework and studying, I tried to sketch the people who were scurrying about at the corner outside. A few people stayed still long enough for me to attempt to capture their shapes.




The last three sketches were drawn with the Pelikan m200, Platinum Carbon Black ink.

I also thought it would be fun to upload some of my current music to SoundCloud.

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Another Sick Day, Another Selfie

15 March 2018

Hello everybody! This whole week of school was missed due to my pneumonia, and today I missed an exam. Thankfully, the professor will allow me to take a make-up.

In between taking naps, taking medicine, and internet research for a school project,  I  managed to scratch out a jaundiced looking self portrait. 031518a

The initial lines were sketched in with a Lamy Vista fountain pen loaded with Platinum Carbon Black ink. I recently did a complete cleaning of the pen. Now, after a couple of days, the pen is behaving quite nicely. There were issues with poor ink flow. The cleaning seems to have solved the problem. Using the pigmented inks require the pen to be maintained a bit more frequently than when used with the “safer” inks.

The washes of watercolor did not affect the lines drawn by the pen. That’s what I love about Platinum Carbon Black ink. Impervious to water when it dries, and it dries fairly quickly! The skin color came out quite yellow because I first put a wash of lemon yellow, and then put a wash wet on wet of yellow ochre. I didn’t look that jaundiced when I did the sketch, but I thought it would be fun. And it was!

I have much homework to catch up on.

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The Changing Urban Landscape: The Corner

3 March 2018

I was getting ready to go to school this morning, and then I found myself waking up to loud noises coming from outside. I must not have been ready to go to school. I don’t even remember going back to bed! Pneumonia recovery.

Getting back to the loud noises, I looked out to the corner to see that workers have erected and set up another one of those high-tech headstones with internet access and free phone calls along with phone/tablet charging ports. Here’s the corner outside hastily sketched with the Pilot Custom 912, extra fine nib with Carbon Black ink, watercolor.


Here are some earlier sketches of the corner:

The Jade dreams

Its roots merging

to the tree

next to the phone booth

at the corner of West 98th Street

and Broadway




This next sketch depicts a common occurrence. An angry man shouts at the top of his lungs violently smashing the phone receiver repeatedly.


Ah, those were good times. Then the morning came when loud noises at the corner lured me to the window.


The phone booth was gone! I didn’t see it dismantled, but I did see a phone booth being taken down a week later:


The corner looked empty, kind of naked.



and today:


Pretty soon it will be activated. The screen that is currently black will display very important messages to passers-by, as well as offering free wifi, internet and phone calls.


The erected, yet not activated monolith. Sketched with a Lamy Vista, extra fine, Platinum Carbon Black ink.


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Via the prompt: Noise

Quick Escape: Downstairs Coffee Shop

13 March 2018: After a few days in bed, I hadn’t done any subway sketches, and it was hard to sketch anyone standing still looking out the window. I broke my pneumonia protocol and went to the bagel shop downstairs, ordered a coffee, grabbed a corner table and sketched a few unsuspecting victims.

I had to work quickly, because I wasn’t feeling that great being out. I sketched the lines with a Sailor Fude De Manen fountain pen. It is a fountain pen with a bent nib that allows for varying degrees of line weight with one pen. The pen is filled with Noodler’s Bulletproof Black.


The sketches took less than ten minutes. I came back home and then added watercolor.

The Fude fountain pen is great for sketching because of the enormous amount of line variation that can be achieved without having to hunt for different pens with different nib widths.

Time to get some more rest.

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